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Our group is now heavily working on lattice-mismatched (3D) semiconductor heterostructures-based devices and related physics, materials, and processing, etc. (see

The following positions are available in the above broad field.

Postdocs (no positions available temporarily)

  • Postdocs in semiconductor devices, semiconductor materials, semiconductor interfaces, and semiconductor processing are sought. Those who have a background in solid-state physics, applied physics, semiconductor materials, and devices are encouraged to apply. Responsibilities include hands-on research together with graduate students. If interested, please email your resume to Prof. Zhenqiang (Jack) Ma (

  • New postdoc positions to fill in wide bandgap semiconductor devices (GaN HBT and SiC HBT) and ultrawide bandgap semiconductor (diamond, Al(Ga)N, G2O3, and (Al)BN) devices, materials, and physics.

Research Assistants (PhD-course grad students, no positions available temporarily)

  • Research assistants in semiconductor devices (MODFETs, HBTs, LEDs, laser diodes) are sought yearly. Flexible Spring/Fall semester start. If interested, please email your resume to Prof. Zhenqiang (Jack) Ma (

  • Requirements: High motivation, hardworking, and team working spirit. Prior cleanroom fabrication and RELATED device (any one type of the above devices) experience are required (must) for consideration of financial support.

The posting of the above positions is updated on September 06, 2023.

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